2023 Approved Changes to Bylaws

Approved Changes to Bylaws July 15, 2023

(A) By replacing the first sentence in paragraph 1, “There shall be a Board of up to nine (9) regular Directors (including officers and up to six (6) Alternate Directors.” with the sentence “There shall be a board of Directors consisting of up to fitieen (15) members, including officers.”

(B) By deleting a portion (Highlighted and underlined) of paragraph 2:
Regular Board members and alternates seated in their place, shall exercise all rights and powers of the association, except those which are conferred by law or these bylaws upon active members of the association, and perform all duties usually incident to such a Board of Directors, including the power to fill vacancies caused by death or resignation in said Board or in any of the officers of the association.

(C) By deleting a portion (Highlighted and underlined) of paragraph 3:
The Board shall meet regularly at such times and places during the year as they may determine. A quorum at such meetings shall be five (5) board members comprised of either regular or alternates. A majority of Regular Board members and alternates shall be necessary for the adoption of any resolution, and records of all their meetings shall be kept by the Secretary. The President shall serve no more than two (2) consecutive years.

(D) Section 4 -Dues and Assessment by adding another category of dues entitled Basic Member Donation -$50. Sentence 1 would then read. “The dues for each active member shall be a minimum of $50 per year designated as a basic member, A donation of $75.00 is designated as a Lake Supporter ---------

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