2023 Membership Drive Letter


The ice is showing signs of melting and everyone ‘s thoughts are turning to the coming spring and summer on Lake Monomonac. The Monomonac Lake Property Owners Association (MLPOA) is also preparing for the 2023 summer season and is busy planning for many of its programs. Included this year is a continuation of the Voluntary Lake Assessment program where water samples are collected in 16 locations in June, July and August. These tests reveal the health of the lake and alert us to any trends that could signal worsening conditions such as chloride levels, transparency or turbidity. The Lake Host program is conducted in junction with NH Lakes and inspects boats being launched into the lake to ensure that they are clean of invasive plants or animals that could establish themselves here. Plans are also underway to have a lake education day for 5th graders in Rindge and Winchendon. Finally, we are pursuing a contract to treat the invasive milfoil infestation as is done each year.

NH lakes are under greater duress now, whether it be attributable to climate change, increased usage, shoreline development or spread of invasive plants. Of great concern across NH are the cyanobacteria blooms that closed several lakes last summer and seem to be occurring more frequently. Many of the programs MLPOA sponsors are meant to mitigate these stresses and keep our lake clean, safe and enjoyable.

Maintaining and growing the MLPOA membership is the best way to protect the lake for current or future generations.

Won’t you please take a moment and renew your membership or if are not a member consider becoming one? Your dues will permit us to continue our efforts to preserve the health and beauty of the lake we all love. When you do complete the membership card please include an email address as well as street address as we would like to communicate with you electronically to save on postage costs.

Please join us at our annual meeting scheduled for July 15th at 8:30 at the Rindge Recreation building on Wellington Road. We will have short business meeting followed by two guest speakers whom I think you will find interesting
Should you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

Stephen Gray, President



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