Weed Treatment

Weed Treatment Alert Tentative Treatment Areas are cross-hatched (Up to 30 acres within the hatched areas) SOLitude Lake Management, of Shrewsbury, MA has been contracted by the Monomonac Lake Property Owners Association to chemically treat portions of Monomonac Lake in Rindge for control of non-native milfoil. Portions will be treated with the USEPA/State registered Reward […]

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2017-18 Lake Drawdown

Background As we all know, the MLPOA has worked for many years to help maintain the quality of the lake. Our primary challenge has been to battle the invasive exotic Milfoil plants from overtaking portions of the lake. To date this effort has been very successful in mitigating Milfoil. Our counterparts on the Massachusetts side […]

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Monomonac Lake Sailing Association

Summer Schedule The MLSA is marking our 66th year on Lake Monomonac this summer.  This year we have lots to do for everyone. If you sail and have not yet raced…come on out!  there is no minimum skill level required to race.  Lots of help is available to get you started.  Doing dock duty is […]

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Eagle of Newsletter

Eagles on Monomanac

We can congratulate ourselves on doing an excellent job keeping our lake clean and welcoming, as evidenced by our growing eagle population! I have heard rumors of a nesting pair of eagles living near Paradise Island. The family pictured here make their home at Converse Meadows. This family arrived just before Christmas to enjoy a […]

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Shallow Wells – Do Drawdowns Affect Your Well?

There has been much controversy and rumors about this past year’s drawdown of the lake. Since the dam and spillway are located in Winchendon, MA  and permission for a drawdown must be granted in an Order of Condition approved by the MA DEP and Winchendon Conservation Commission. The Order of Condition that has been in […]

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Please Renew Your Membership Now

Monomonac Lake Property Owners Association exists by and for all those families who use and enjoy this beautiful natural treasure. Your membership and participation is essential for the good work that is accomplished. Because of your support, MLPOA is able to provide: Exotic Milfoil Weed Treatment MLPOA Newsletter and Mailings MLPOA Annual Meeting Water Quality […]

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President’s Message

Whether we are new-timers or old-timers living on Lake Monomonac, we all find  beauty, wonder, and enjoyment throughout the seasons. The bright colors of fall, the stark cold solitude of winter, the greening hope of spring, and the bustle of summer all contribute to our unique and gentle way of life. Preserving the natural beauty […]

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