Happy spring, welcome summer!

After experiencing a weird winter here at Lake Monomonac that saw little snow, wildly fluctuating temperatures and a devastating ice storm that left many of us without power for several days, it is a relief to be headed towards a fun filled summer season. Following is a quick update on the programs MLPOA has been working on for this year.
MLPOA is pleased to announce that the John Sarasin Lake Education Day will return on June 8th after a two-year hiatus due to Covid. Laureen Moran has been working hard to co-ordinate this popular program that bring Rindge 5th grade students to the lake and out onto it on pontoon boats. Limnologist instructors from NH Department of Environmental Services explain about testing that can been done to determine water quality and allow for some hands-on experiments to be performed. This year we are expecting 56 students, 8 adults from Rindge Elementary to attend. Winchendon schools in the past have participated in the program but are unable to attend this year.

The Voluntary Lake Assessment Program (VLAP) will be continued for the 37th year. Water samples at all the tributaries will be taken three times this summer and tested at the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services (NHDES) lab in Concord. The results are analyzed and recorded to show long term water quality trends or problem areas. Sampling this year will occur on June13, July 5 and August 1 by the team of Lourdes Gray, Chris Peahl, Midge Romanow and John Cantin. The results of last year’s testing will be discussed in greater detail at the annual meeting on July 15, 2023.

The Lake Host Program is well under way with Chris Peahl leading the program. The plan is to start Memorial Day weekend and continue thru till Labor Day. The Lake Host will be present at the boat launch on Fridays from 3:00 to 6:00 pm and Sat/Sun from 9:00 to 3:00. The host will be checking to see that no invasive plants/animals are being introduced into the lake on the boats or trailers.

Arrangements have been made for a lake inspection to determine if there has been any milfoil weed regrowth. A contingency contract with Solitude to treat these areas has been established once the location and size of the regrowth areas have been determined. Last year we experimented with using divers to hand pull the milfoil in small areas instead of a chemical treatment. It was successful and will be utilized this year if there are small areas to treat.

Our Annual Meeting is scheduled for July 15th at the Rindge Recreation Center on Wellington Road. Coffee will be available at 8:30 with the meeting to start at 9:00. There will be a brief business meeting followed by information about cyanobacteria in NH lakes and an exciting land conservation project that is occurring in Winchendon on land abutting the lake. I hope you will take this opportunity to get together with your lake neighbors and support MLPOA.

Finally, I would like to extend my appreciation to the officers and Board members who have so ably assisted and supported me for the past two years. It is a hard-working group dedicated to protecting the lake we all love. It is thru their dedication and the support of the membership, that Lake Monomonac continues to be a place we all enjoy and hold dear.

Best Regards,
Steve Gray
President MLPOA

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