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Navian Project Update
December 15th, 2020

Merry Christmas and happy Holidays to all our friends on the lake. I’d like to offer an
update on what has become a rapidly moving target, ie the Navian Project.
First bit of good news is that the project managers have reduced the size of the
development to 59 units, down from 66. The revision has not been posted yet but I’m
told they have deleted 3 single family residencies and 4 multifamily buildings.
More to follow….

There has been a hydrologist report and a revised hydrology report posted on the
planning board website. The second report takes into account drought conditions.
From historical data they assume a loss of 40% from the average rainfall. Using 60%
of the average rainfall numbers, the calculations continue to show a very adequate
water supply for the development with minimal effect on the surrounding drilled wells.
The study was done using the old plans, ie before the announced reduction in units.
An independant review of those studies is underway and will be available at the
January 5th PB meeting. I’ve asked that the reviewer give an opinion of the effects of
the development on shallow wells around the lake.

In order for the hydrology studies to take place the application had to be accepted.
To make sure we don’t get left behind in the process I’ve written another letter to the
PB requesting that salt restrictions on roadways and pathways, as well as phosphate
containing fertilizers on all grounds, be restricted.

The plans and reports are posted on the Planning Board web site accessed through
the towns’ website.

See you on the lake
Don Wilson

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