2020 Annual Meeting Minutes

Virtual Annual Meeting Minutes
July 18, 2020

Due to COVID-19, the MLPOA Annual Meeting for 2020 was not held in person. In its place, all members of the MLPOA received email letters from Don Wilson, President along with two reminders that there would be a virtual meeting to take its place. All members were invited to access informational documents via the MLPOA website and vote on four specific items using a link to an on-line survey created in the Survey Monkey program.

    1. Highlights of Don’s Meeting letter are as follows:
      Message of Thanks – Don “Thanked” Bob and Cynthia Childs and Burt and Jan Goodrich for their tireless attention to the hundreds of details needed to keep the MLPOA organization running. Stating that both the Childs and the Goodrich’s have been the backbone of the MLPOA for many years.
    2. Officer and Project Coordinators – Some responsibilities for association activities have been defined and assigned to Project Coordinators. The new coordinator positions are as follows; Lake Host, Lake Education Day, Lake Ecologist, and Information Technology.
    3. By-Law Changes – Due to new Coordinator positions, extensive By-Law revisions were made to further define Officer and Project Coordinator responsibilities.
    4. Health of the Lake – Don reported that this year we will be using a new herbicide, Pro-Cellacor. It is more expensive than Diquat but anticipated to be much more effective. It is guaranteed by the manufacturer for five years, New Hampshire DES enthusiastically recommends this product. The 2020 winter climate was ideal for weed control, a dramatic scheduled drawdown followed by three freeze thaw cycles, and almost no snow, resulted in significant weed kill. The lake surveyor recommended we treat only 5 acres of New Hampshire lake. The areas are the boat ramp, along the channel from the ramp, and the far eastern part of the lake just north of the narrows. Due to Covid concerns no MLPOA representative accompanied the surveyor. It is planned to carefully monitor the lake during the summer. Next spring we hope to be past Covid and again participating in pre-treatment surveys.
    5. Voting and Results – As with all annual meetings, we needed to vote on current issues. This year, The Meeting Minutes from 2019, The Treasurer’s Report, Proposed Slate of Officers and Board of Directors, and finally the By-Law Amendments. Within the body of Don’s letters and reminders were links to the Minutes from 2019, the Treasurer’s Report, Proposed Slate of Offers and new Board of Directors members, and new By-Laws. Members were asked to review these posted documents on the website and vote using the Survey Monkey link, stating that the voting would be closed at the end of Saturday, July 18th.
      The Survey Results are as follows:
      Meeting Minutes from 2019 – 100% accepted,
      Treasurer’s Report – 100% accepted,
      Proposed Slate of Officers – 97.50% accepted/2.50% not
      accepted, and
      Amended By-Laws – 97.50% accepted/2.50% not accepted.
      When following the By-Law measurement of acceptance, all four items are considered approved by MLPOA members.

No other concerns or issues surfaced as a result of the 2020 MLPOA Virtual meeting.

It is hoped that in 2021 we will hold an in person Annual Meeting to gather and discuss the issues and status of our efforts to maintain the values of our properties and continued good health of our lake.

Respectfully submitted,
Jen Marszalek, MLPOA Secretary
September 8, 2020


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