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New Milfoil Treatment

The Winchendon Springs association was able to treat 9 acres of milfoil infestation with a new product, ProcellaCOR. It is a highly targeted product effective against invasive plants, but safe for native plants. It is considered safer by the EPA than Diquat. Whats more, it is more effective. The New Hampshire DES encourages the use of ProcellaCOR over Diquat. More information can be found on the Solitude Lake Management web site, (

The Winchendon Springs people tell us there has been no regrowth of milfoil as yet in any of the treated areas. This is significant because the manufacturer guarantees the product for 5 years. In other words, if there is a recurrence of weed in a treated area within 5 years of application, the company will pay for re-treatment.

Last year we treated 23 acres of milfoil with Diquat at a cost of $13,000. We have used Diquat for many years now an have not seen a significant reduction in milfoil infestation.

Your board would like to use ProcellaCOR next year. There is a significant cost difference with the new product that is offset by substantially reduced long term costs. Last year the cost of ProcellaCOR was $1,100 per acre. The estimated cost of treating 25+ acres next year is above $28,000. Spread over 5 years the cost would eventually become $6000 per year, assuming we are treating 25 acres, much less if there is less weed to treat. The board thinks this is a sound investment in the lake’s future. We will be looking at finances and potentially asking for some additional help to meet that goal. Please keep us in mind next spring.

Weed Treatment Alert

2014 MonomonacLk_TRT_image

Tentative Treatment Areas are cross‐hatched (Up to 30 acres within the hatched areas)

SOLitude Lake Management, 590 Lake Street, Sherwsbury, MA 01545, Telephone 508-885‐0101, was contracted by the Monomonac Lake Property Owners Association to chemically treat portions of Monomonac Lake in Rindge for control of non‐native milfoil. Portions were treated with the USEPA/State registered Reward (Diquat) herbicide, EPA Registration Number 100‐1091 on Monday, June 10 2019.

The following temporary water use restrictions apply to all intakes within 1,200 feet of the treatment areas, drawing water for drinking or irrigation purposes, and to all wells and points within 50 feet of the treated areas:

  • No swimming for 24 hours following treatment, within 200 feet of treated areas.
  • Do not use this water for livestock/domestic animal consumption for 1 day, within 200 feet of treated areas
  • Do not use this water for drinking, irrigation or for mixing sprays for turf or landscape ornamental plants for 3 days
  • Do Not Use this water for irrigation to food crops or for mixing sprays for agricultural or production ornamental plants for 5 days

The shoreline is posted with signs warning of the temporary water use restrictions that will be imposed, immediately prior to treatment. If you have any questions concerning this treatment, contact SOLitude Lake Management at 508-885-0101.


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