MLPOA 2019 Minutes

Saturday, July 20, 2019


Gathering: Members began gathering at 8:30 a.m. for coffee, snacks and socializing.
Call to order: 9:03 a.m.

President’s Welcome: Incoming President Don Wilson welcomed property owners to the meeting held in the Rindge Recreations Building at Wellington Park and thanked them for their support of the important work conducted throughout the year.

Following is the agenda presented:

Camp Starfish: Don introduced Emily Golinski, Executive Director of Camp Starfi sh, who provided an update of camp activities, reported that there is a 1 to 1 ratio of staff to campers, spoke about the Annual Duck Race in which all were invited to attend and visit the camp. Emily announced her plans to resign from Camp Starfish, providing a 5 month notice. She thanked MLPOA members for their support throughout the years.

Dan Anair, Chief of the Rindge Police Department: Dan spoke of his 19 years on the police force and now as the new Chief of Police is focused on Safety of all Rindge residence, Wanted Suspect’s, Lost Pets, Increased patrol of neighborhoods and offi cers becoming more familiar with town streets by cruising roads of Rindge. He reminded all in attendance that there is a Facebook site to reference.

Treasurer’s report: Bob Childs presented a detailed account of fi nances via a submit- ted Treasurers report which was reviewed and approved as presented. Weed treatment continues to be our major expense. The Importance of Dues, Grant from the State, Weed Control Increases and a pitch to increase dues were topics discussed. Don and Bob advised that payment of dues was extremely important in order to continue successful Weed Control to ensure a healthy lake.

Secretary’s report: Don advised that the July 21, 2018 Secretary’s report had been dis- tributed prior to the meeting by e-mail with paper copies made available at the meeting. The Secretary report was approved as presented.

Election of Officers and Board of Directors: Burt Goodrich presented the Nominated Slate of Offi cers (7/2019-7/2020) and Board of Directors (7/2019-7/2022) which was approved as presented. The Vice President position denoted as TBD. It was hoped that it would be filled soon. Six (6) new folks have stepped forward to fill board positions.

Presentations and Discussions:
NH Marine Patrol – Sargent Roulette and Nancy Lee Reiner (retired Coast Guard) discussed topics such as, Paddle Board safety issues, USCG PFD requirements, Boaters and Drivers License requirements in NH and MA, Boaters Education, DWI Enforcement, the Boater’s Guide of NH paper format was made available for review and the site was mentioned as a resource (which is not a tool to leave a com- plaint it was suggested to place a call directly to the Marine Control), General Boat Safety, and Wake Boats affects to shoreline (pending Legislation.) Attendees appreciated the facts.

Weed Treatment, Lake Level and Drawdown plus Annual Dues: Rene Tambling and John Lewandowski, of Winchendon Springs Lake Association presented facts re- garding the Lake Monomonac Watershed and Drawdown efforts that have taken placed last year and plans for fall of 2019 in an effort to help manage Weed Control. It is antici- pated that a three foot drawdown will take place in the fall. Extensive facts were pre- sented for a clearer understanding of both past and future efforts to help control weeds in the lake. A new Treatment Option (Solitude) was presented and discussed. The new proposed treatment Solitude would mean an increase in weed control expenses. The control of spreading new invasive weeds was reviewed and is activity supported by the Boat Launch staff at North of the Boarder. It was agreed that all Lake Owners and Boaters should take an active role in preventing additional and different types of weeds coming into the lake.
Discussion took place about an increase to the base MLPOA annual membership dues to help support the expense of needed weed control. After much discussion a proposal was made to increase the base membership dues from $50.00 to $75.00 beginning with the 2020 dues campaign and received approval at the meeting.

Raffles: Several items were raffl ed off throughout the meeting which were generously donated by locate store owners. Winners walked away happy!

Meeting adjourned: 10:18 a.m.

Respectfully submitted: Jen Marszalek, MLPOA Secretary


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