MLPOA Slate of officers & Board 2020

Slate of Officers
Board of Directors

The nominations for the slate of officers for 2020
(and seconded by the current officers) is as follows:

 President                 Donald Wilson     2019-2021
 Vice President            Steve Gray 
 Secretary                 Jen Marszalek
 Treasurer                 Douglas Redfield

The nominations for new members of the Board of Directors,
(and seconded by the current officers) is as follows:

 Steve Gray              Regular member     2020-2023
Douglas Redfield Regular member 2020-2023 Lynne Samuelson Alternate member 2020-2023 Christine Dipre Alternate member 2020-2023

The Board of Directors notes the resignation of Robert Childs
as a regular member of the board with sadness and gratitude.

Board members to be re-elected are as follows:

 Donald Wilson        Regular member     2020-2023                

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