Exotic Milfoil Weed Treatment

Treating for exotic milfoil is an on-going challenge. Without the vigilance of MLPOA and our annual treatment process, exotic milfoil would take over our lake. Our treatment plan for this year is a return to the herbicide “Diquat” which has been applied  in previous years.  Aquatic Control Technology and NHDES have both recommended a return […]

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Variable Milfoil

Variable milfoil is creating a serious economic and recreational nuisance in New Hampshire lakes. Variable milfoil was first introduced in New Hampshire lakes in the late 1960s by way of discarded aquarium plants into lakes and other waterbodies. It then spread from lake to lake by boats, motors, trailers, fishing gear, and by natural forces.  […]

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Annual Meeting

Annual meeting Saturday,July 21, 2018.   Coffee will be available at 8:30 am and the meeting will begin at 9:00 am at Wellington Park. Each year MLPOA has an Annual Meeting that takes place the 3rd Saturday in July. The meeting is to vote for officers and new board members. The Annual Meetings is also an […]

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