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2021 Annual Meeting Minutes

MLPOA Annual Meeting Minutes – 7/17/2021 Don Wilson, President of the MLPOA opened the 2021 Annual Meeting at 10:12 a.m. at the Rindge Recreation Center on Wellington Road, Rindge, NH with sixty members attending. Opening Statements – Don welcomed and thanked all in attendance for joining the meeting. He then reviewed the need to be […]

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MLPOA Meeting Reminder

MLPOA MEETING REMINDER Saturday, July 17th 10 AM at the Recreation Center, Wellington Road, Rindge. (Remember Wellington road is blocked close to 119 for bridge repair) Hi everyone, Thanks to all our members who have taken the time to check into our webpage where you will find reposted the minutes of our 2020 virtual meeting. […]

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Navian Project Update Jan 2021

I have received a draft copy of the minutes of the Jan 5th Planning Board meeting and can update everyone on whats happening. First, some house keeping. Jonah Ketola, referencing Emergency order #12 saying that the PB was not compelled to use Zoom. He omitted section 4 which states that “each part of a meeting […]

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The President’s Fall Letter

Presidents Fall Letter MLPOA September 2020 We are closing the season on an historic summer here on the lake. My spring letter mentioned our lake would be a refuge during the Covid crisis. Those words were prophetic, in that we have seen a busy and sometimes crowed lake throughout the summer. We are fortunate to […]

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2020 Annual Meeting Minutes

MLPOA Virtual Annual Meeting Minutes July 18, 2020 Due to COVID-19, the MLPOA Annual Meeting for 2020 was not held in person. In its place, all members of the MLPOA received email letters from Don Wilson, President along with two reminders that there would be a virtual meeting to take its place. All members were […]

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The President’s Spring Letter

Spring, 2020 As I sit by the lake, the ice is out and a fledgling eagle is learning how difficult it is to catch a duck. The world we knew last fall is far away, but parts of that world remain intact and waiting. There are constants to be counted upon, and our Lake Monomonac […]

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Ice Safety Tips (Courtesy of WSLA)

*Many residents on our lake have bubblers which can weaken the ice >150 feet away depending on the flow. If you have one, please clearly indicate to minimize risk for all those out on the ice (fisherman, snowmobiles, snowshoers, skiers, etc). *Never go onto the ice alone. A friend may be able to rescue you […]

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