Weed Treatment

Weed Treatment Alert
Tentative Treatment Areas are cross-hatched (Up to 30 acres within the hatched areas)
SOLitude Lake Management, of Shrewsbury, MA has been contracted by the Monomonac Lake Property Owners Association to chemically treat portions of Monomonac Lake in Rindge for control of non-native milfoil. Portions will be treated with the USEPA/State registered Reward (Diquat) herbicide, EPA Registration Number 100-1091 on Monday, June 8, 2017.

The following temporary water use restrictions apply to all intakes within 1,200 feet of the treatment areas, drawing water for drinking or irrigation purposes, and to all wells and points within 50 feet of the treated areas:

• No swimming for 24 hours following treatment, within 200 feet of treated areas.
• Do not use this water for livestock/domestic animal consumption for 1 day, within 200 feet of treated areas
• Do not use this water for drinking, irrigation or for mixing sprays for turf or landscape ornamental plants for 3 days
• Do Not Use this water for irrigation to food crops or for mixing sprays for agricultural or production ornamental plants for 5 days

The shoreline will be posted with signs warning of the temporary water use restrictions that will be imposed, immediately prior to treatment. If you have any questions concerning this treatment, contact SOLitude Lake Management at 508-885-0101.

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