The President’s Spring Letter

Spring, 2020
As I sit by the lake, the ice is out and a fledgling eagle is learning how difficult it is to catch a duck. The world we knew last fall is far away, but parts of that world remain intact and waiting. There are constants to be counted upon, and our Lake Monomonac is one of them.

We are losing some good people who have been the back bone of the organization for years. Bob and Cynthia Childs, and Burt and Jan Goodrich are retiring and moving on. I thank them for their dedicated, insightful work on behalf of the lake and it’s property owners To accommodate this new iteration of MLPOA, we’ve re-written our bylaws. The many projects the Childs and Goodrich’s undertook have been defined and assigned to project coordinators who will work under the direction of board officers. The project coordinators will manage the Lake Host Program, Education Day, Lake Ecology, (to include weed control and water testing), and the I/T Coordinator, responsible for our web page and face book page, and helping the rest of us use them!

These bylaw changes are intended to spread responsibility among several people, and thus make personnel changes smoother. The changes will be presented for a vote at the annual meeting. Whether it’s real or virtual remains to be determined. The bylaw changes will be posted on our web site.

There is good news for the lake. We will be using Procellacor for weed control over the entire NH side of the lake. (The Massachusetts side started last year.) We can anticipate almost 100% eradication, guaranteed by the manufacturer for 5 years. Of course it’s significantly more expensive. The bill for treating 25 acres comes to $25,500. The state has been very generous this year with a grant of slightly over $10,000, (again, thank you Bob). While we do have reserve funds that can help us meet the expense we still NEED YOUR HELP! Dues makes up a significant part of the revenue needed to pay the bill. Ongoing expenses will include rebuilding our reserves and more aggressive funding of the Lake Host Program.

We hope the Lake Host Program will help prevent re-infestation of our lake.

Please consider a generous contribution this year. Basic dues will be $75. You can be designated a Lake Warden for $100, a Lake Protector for $250, and a Lake champion for $500. More than $500 will be graciously accepted and appreciated.
In the months to come our lake will be a refuge. We are fortunate to have such a resource. Thank you all in advance for your generous help.

Stay Healthy! and See you on the water

Don Wilson
President MLPOA
PS Make sure your lake neighbors have an opportunity to join too.

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