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Spring 2022 Newsletter

Spring 2022 Newsletter The snow has melted, the ice has gone out, mud season is a thing of the past, so it must be time to swing into our spring and summer mode here on Lake Monomonac. From my vantage point first to be seen on the lake in late March were the Merganser ducks […]

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The President’s Winter Letter

Dear Fellow Lake Monomonac Community Members, The last docks have been pulled. On Nov10th a lone pontoon boat was spotted on the lake. It’s time to put the lake to bed for the winter. Before we do I have some good news for the lake and it’s property owners. The Winchendon Springs association was able […]

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The Spring 2019 Newsletter

Dear Fellow Lake Monomonac Community Members, Spring is here as we welcome our full lake community back to enjoy life on Lake Monomonac. A wet April has brought the lake level back up and the annual migrating birds are appearing daily. Once again, we are writing to let you know that the MLPOA programs are […]

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Shallow Wells – Do Drawdowns Affect Your Well?

There has been much controversy and rumors about this past year’s drawdown of the lake. Since the dam and spillway are located in Winchendon, MA  and permission for a drawdown must be granted in an Order of Condition approved by the MA DEP and Winchendon Conservation Commission. The Order of Condition that has been in […]

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