Navian Project Update Jan 2021

I have received a draft copy of the minutes of the Jan 5th Planning Board meeting and can update everyone on whats happening.
First, some house keeping. Jonah Ketola, referencing Emergency order #12 saying that the PB was not compelled to use Zoom. He omitted section 4 which states that
“each part of a meeting of a public body be audible or otherwise discernible to the public” Paragraph 4, c&d go on to states that there must be a mechanism whereby the public can alert the public body during the meeting if there are problems with access.
If the public is unable to access the meeting, the meeting must be adjourned.

There were access problems. It is my opinion that the Planning Board must honor the requirements of emergency order #12. Please ensure that the public can hear the proceedings.

Hydrosource hydrology reports were independently reviewed by Normandeau Associates, who reported that the science behind the Hydrosource reports was sound.
Normandeau associates agreed with Hydrosource findings. Both stated that risk to offsite wells was extremely low. It was noted that shallow wells draw close to the surface. Navian development wells will be several hundred feet below the level of the shallow wells and therefor should have no impact on the performance of said shallow wells.

Our requests for restricted salt use and restricted phosphate fertilizer use were noted by Kirk Strickland who requested those restrictions be added to the developers plans and passed onto the home owners association.

The lawyer for the Merrills, abutters with objections to the project, reported that all concerns had been addressed by the applicant and therefor withdrew their objections to the project.

The project has been reduced in size to 59 dwelling units, and all concerns by the board and public had been address so a motion was made to approve the site plan which passed 4 to 3.

The project must apply for the following government permits:
NHDES Alteration of Terrain Permit
NHDES Subdivision Approval for all proposed lots under 5 acres
NHDES Public Water Supply Approval
NHDES Subsurface Systems Approval for multifamily septic systems
NHDOT driveway access approval
Town of Rindge Zoning Board of Adjustment approval for wetlands crossings

Steve Gray feels the storm water runoff systems are robust, and if maintained should prevent any increase in runoff. However, we should all be concerned that increased
debris, salt, and other contaminants if dissolved, can make their way to the lake.
As an organization we should verify that salt and phosphate restrictions get into the covenants as discussed. It goes with our saying that lake home owners should avoid the use of phosphate containing fertilizer, chloride containing de-icing materials, and keep their septic systems in good repair.

Don Wilson
President, MLPOA


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