Please Renew Your Membership Now

Monomonac Lake Property Owners Association exists by and for all those families who use and enjoy this beautiful natural treasure. Your membership and participation is essential for the good work that is accomplished. Because of your support, MLPOA is able to provide:
Exotic Milfoil Weed Treatment

    • MLPOA Newsletter and Mailings
    • MLPOA Annual Meeting
    • Water Quality Testing and Reporting
    • John Sarasin Lake Education Day,  for 5th Grade Students, in Rindge and Winchendon schools
    • Lake Host Program to reduce the risk of milfoil contamination

Please continue your membership in MLPOA and encourage others to join. These Programs keep a clean and clear Lake and are funded by your membership. These programs benefit us all. We need to rely on your continuing membership and your help in getting your neighbors to join if you want these programs to continue. Enclosed is an envelope for your dues. Please join and help keep Monomonac the natural treasure that we all enjoy.

Send your dues to:
C/0 Bob Childs
58 LaChance Dr
Rindge, NH 03461

Or use PayPal on the Membership Page

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