President’s Message

No matter what the season, living on Monomonac Lake provides us with beauty, tranquility, and the opportunity to enjoy many recreational activities. As residents and property owners it is our responsibility to preserve the natural beauty of the lake and ensure that future generations can enjoy the same quality of life for generations to come. It is the mission of the Monomonac Property Owners Association (MLPOA), along with the Winchendon Springs Lake Association (WSLA) to help in that endeavor. Your MLPOA executive board works year round to insure that residents have as clean, safe, and well maintained lake as possible. Here are some of the issues and activities the board of directors and volunteers are working on for the upcoming season:

  • Lake survey of variable milfoil for upcoming weed treatment.
  • The John Sarasin Lake Education Program: Rindge and Winchendon 5th grade class field trip to the lake where they learn from New Hampshire DES limnologists about water testing and quality was held on June 6, 2018
  • Weed treatment: June 8, 2018
  • Lake Host Program: Memorial Day to Labor Day
  • Water testing and reporting: three to four times over the summer
  • Annual Meeting: July 21, 2018

Remember, we all share in the responsibility of preserving our lake’s natural beauty and maintaining its resources. You can help by renewing your MLPOA membership, recruiting new members, and being vigilant to any issues that may affect the quality of our lake.

I would like to take the opportunity to thank the MLPOA Executive Board Members and volunteers who have helped me for the past two years. Without their efforts, our lake would not provide the quality of lake living we enjoy.


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