Eagles on Monomanac

We can congratulate ourselves on doing an excellent job keeping our lake clean and welcoming, as evidenced by our growing eagle population! I have heard rumors of a nesting pair of eagles living near Paradise Island. The family pictured here make their home at Converse Meadows. This family arrived just before Christmas to enjoy a holiday meal of cormorant on the new ice.

In the part of the lake known locally as “the basin”, we often spot eagles flying low and scanning the lake of fish. I have been thrilled to have an eagle land in the tree just off my deck to fish the waters below.

One way to irritate an eagle is to take his/her picture while they are busy doing their very important job of finding food! He flew off with a backwards glance letting me know exactly how he felt.

Your dues help us to keep our lake a welcoming place for this majestic bird. Keep your eyes open to the skies and you will almost certainly be able to enjoy the wonderful experience of seeing one of the many creatures we share our lake with.

Kathy John

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