The President’s Winter Letter

Dear Fellow Lake Monomonac Community Members, The last docks have been pulled. On Nov10th a lone pontoon boat was spotted on the lake. It’s time to put the lake to bed for the winter. Before we do I have some good news for the lake and it’s property owners. The Winchendon Springs association was able […]

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The Spring 2019 Newsletter

Dear Fellow Lake Monomonac Community Members, Spring is here as we welcome our full lake community back to enjoy life on Lake Monomonac. A wet April has brought the lake level back up and the annual migrating birds are appearing daily. Once again, we are writing to let you know that the MLPOA programs are […]

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President’s Message

No matter what the season, living on Monomonac Lake provides us with beauty, tranquility, and the opportunity to enjoy many recreational activities. As residents and property owners it is our responsibility to preserve the natural beauty of the lake and ensure that future generations can enjoy the same quality of life for generations to come. […]

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VLAP – Volunteer Lake Assessment Program

Have you ever wondered how a state with over 800 public lakes and ponds and eight aquatic biologists can evaluate water quality? It would be impossible without the help of dedicated state-wide volunteers who offer their time to the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services (DES). Monomonac’s volunteers are part of a network that works […]

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Weed Treatment

Weed Treatment Alert Tentative Treatment Areas are cross-hatched (Up to 30 acres within the hatched areas) SOLitude Lake Management, of Shrewsbury, MA has been contracted by the Monomonac Lake Property Owners Association to chemically treat portions of Monomonac Lake in Rindge for control of non-native milfoil. Portions will be treated with the USEPA/State registered Reward […]

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2017-18 Lake Drawdown

Background As we all know, the MLPOA has worked for many years to help maintain the quality of the lake. Our primary challenge has been to battle the invasive exotic Milfoil plants from overtaking portions of the lake. To date this effort has been very successful in mitigating Milfoil. Our counterparts on the Massachusetts side […]

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Monomonac Lake Sailing Association

Summer Schedule The MLSA is marking our 66th year on Lake Monomonac this summer.  This year we have lots to do for everyone. If you sail and have not yet raced…come on out!  there is no minimum skill level required to race.  Lots of help is available to get you started.  Doing dock duty is […]

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